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Below are just a few of the many hundreds of projects the team at Main Page SEO has produced over the years. For a more specific example of work or campaign performance specific to your industry please just ask!

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Contractors &  Trades Web Design

Deck and Fence Contractor

“The Main Page SEO team brought my website up to a whole new dimension. Their knowledge moved my website to the top of the page versus being buried below countless others. It is refreshing to engage with a website firm that fulfills its core commitments. We targeted many specific categories of which I moved to the top within 3 days of launching. The response has tripled my business within a month causing my phone to ring consistently with interested inquiries. Main Page's stellar SEO has completely exceeded my expectations and brought my business back to life. I am not tech savvy. Having their gentle, non-judging education and support has helped me understand, maximize, and enjoy advertising on the internet. I am excited and grateful for all the new opportunities my business is experiencing.”

D. Clough

General Contractor

Lawyer / Attorney & Legal Web Design

Personal Injury Warriors - Legal Directory

Main Page has assisted my law firm in developing the most technologically advanced digital systems in Los Angeles. I know them to be honorable and diligent. They alway return calls and work hard to increase our bottom line. When you want the best product you have to see this team's work! Best of the best!

PI Warriors Founder

Personal Injury Attorney

Technology & SAAS Web Design

Real Estate Web Application (full stack)

Video Game Festival

* Web development only.

Medical & Dental Web Design

General & Cosmetic Dentist

The team at Main Page built my webpage from scratch and it was the best business move I've made in my career. Their team is caring, professional, intelligent and helpful that's the honest truth.

R. Creaghe

Automotive & Body Shop Web Design

General & Cosmetic Dentist

More Web Design Reviews

As a small business owner, I rely heavily on my website's presence. The Main Page team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive to my business needs and concerns. If you need a web site designed, hosted and/or closely monitored, look no further. Contact Mai Page SEO. I highly recommend their services.

Anne N

I searched for a long time for a house to produce a website that would take my business to the next level. I was getting frustrated with empty promises and lack of energy from the design firms I contacted. Then I met a force of nature.

The Main Page team changed my perception of “web designers” forever. The experience I had with them has been incomparably positive. Every step of the way has been a dream in collaboration, enthusiasm, energy and tech savviness.

It’s slightly difficult to explain the alchemy that happens when a team is firing at its peak but I will try: This was my experience from day one – they brought fresh perspective, smarts, creative energy and just the right amount of humbleness to this project. I am forever grateful that I met them. The product they produced for me was a hit and exactly what I was looking for.  They took my vision and amped it to perfection. I plan to go back to them for more as my business is now expanding and I see the great benefits of hiring a talented team from the get-go!

With deepest appreciation for a job well done and thank you all Main Page SEO.”

G. Armour

I am a director of photography and what I do is light movies, compose the shots and often operate the camera. So to get business it’s all through personal contacts, who you have worked for and who you meet. But now I have a web presence which I never had before and it has opened up a whole new world for me as far as getting clients. Before where I relied solely on word of mouth, now people are finding me through the things that the Main Page SEO team has done to my website, the SEO, the web presence and the Google searches. People are finding me in a way that they were never able to find me before. I had a small website with videos that was serviceable but it wasn’t great. The traction that I have gotten is incredible. If you search some key phrases I come up either number one or two for the world for key search terms. So their work truly does work.

J. Derango

If you don’t have a good web presence you don’t have a business and that is where the Main Page SEO team comes in. They put together a web design and web package that quite frankly I was surprised by. Being the Executive Director I am cost conscious and am certainly not into wasting time or money on things that don’t matter. This was the best time and the best money we’ve spent. I can’t recommend them enough.
H. Asher

I just wanted to do a short shout out to Floyd and the Main Page SEO team. Floyd is one of the best SEO web developers and designers I have ever worked with. He collaborated with me on our site StrayAngel.com. We had a custom content management system and Floyd came in and built a whole top of the line CMS with a fully managed SEO solution and all of the latest technology. He also handles all of our hosting. Long story short, his knowledge, his expertise and his proprietary SEO experience and techniques have allowed us to get to the top of Google. Our business has probably doubled and I have only Floyd and Main Page SEO to thank for that. So thank you guys!

S. Suron

Floyd went way above and beyond before, during and post launch.  He was at every turn professional and insightful.  Always providing direction and suggestions. I would highly recommend them if you are in search of a web design team. Over the years I have hired a dozen or so webmasters and the team at Main Page SEO are some of the best.

M. Heston

Dallas Web Design Company - Call Now: (972) 430-4145

Every business needs a website, regardless of its size. A website is crucial for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd. A website will help you stay ahead of your competitors and promote growth. Gone are the days of customers searching the yellow pages or the phone book to find a business to help with their needs; the majority of consumers have turned to the internet and search engines to point them in the right direction. For large-scale business operations, a website is a given.

Importance of a Web Presence for Small Business

Many small business owners don’t understand the importance of a good website. Many consumers won’t set foot in your establishment without the ability to check you out online first. No one likes to go into a situation blind, or go chasing around looking for a product or service, only to find that it’s not available at the business they choose. A website will eliminate unhappy customers and unhappy potential customers by allowing them to discover what you have to offer from the comfort of their computer chair.

Progress in Small Business Web Design

Business web design has come far in the last decade. Years ago, most businesses had simple placeholder sites with the bare minimum contact information, business hours and business description. Today, business websites incorporate these aspects along with virtual tours, employee biographies, listings of inventory and shopping carts to allow customers to shop for goods and services from the comfort of their homes. For the busy consumer, this increases their willingness to shop with a particular business. Comfort and convenience are number one, followed by competitive prices and high-quality customer service.

Open 24/7

In addition, many customers may work at their own jobs during your business hours and may not be able to make it to your location, or are just too tired or too busy outside of work to come visit you. An online presence will help them to fit you into their schedule and plan a convenient time to come visit you if necessary. The benefits of a website for your small business far outweigh any costs that might be associated with the site design and set up investment.

Small Business Website Professionals

If you are a small business in need of a new business website, or just want to spruce up your current website, Main Page SEO can help. We can help with web hosting products and site design. We can design a website to suit your small business, from a simple website with your information, to something with a virtual tour to help customers educate themselves about what you offer, to even the most complex websites with inventory and online shopping abilities. We offer competitive pricing, quality customer service, and high-quality website design. We have a package to fit every small business budget. We’re local web designers in Dallas Texas. Contact us today!

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