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Social media is probably the most important marketing tool of this generation. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are just some of the social media sites that any business can utilize to promote products and services. The use of these social media sites is a proven method of enhancing sales, driving traffic to the company websites, promoting brand awareness and visibility, and increasing customer recall.

A few years back, social media giants Facebook and Twitter were merely social networking tools used by people to post everyday messages and recounts of ordinary occurrences. Lately, however, businesses began to discover the huge potential of these networking sites as a marketing tool.

Hundreds of Millions of Users

Facebook, for instance, has more than 2.3 billion users to date. YouTube is not far behind with around 1.3 billion registered accounts. Twitter has some 320 million members and is dying a slow death. What’s even more surprising is these numbers are still growing. With the staggering number of users, it would be unwise for any business, in Dallas or beyond, not to utilize this opportunity that social media provides.

Facebook Business Pages

Businesses with Facebook pages have a free platform to advertise their latest products, disseminate news regarding current company activities or product discounts, announce a new product launch or to drive traffic to the company’s official website.


Companies can also utilize the social media sites to receive feedback from their target markets. It is a great way of conducting product testing or surveys. The result of the survey will be an invaluable tool to the company as it can help them determine which products consumers find helpful.

Brand Identity

The huge traffic that goes to social media sites can also help your business establish or reinforce brand identity. The billions of hits on the popular sites can make what is an otherwise unknown business, gain immense popularity in a short amount of time. The good thing with social media sites is they transcend national borders. This means, the business does not just reach local customers but worldwide markets too. The free advertisements the social media sites provide can help businesses tap foreign markets quickly.

Increasing Customer Exposure

Increasing customer exposure is another inevitable effect of social media marketing. Around 81 percent of marketers reported a dramatic increase in their brand’s exposure due to social media sites. With increased exposure comes more product awareness and increased traffic to your company's websites. More traffic means a better ranking on the SERPs (search engine results pages). Customer recall of the company brand also increases. With better customer recall, the company’s brand will be on the customer’s mind once he needs to buy a certain product or check the avail of a service. All these would add up to more profits for your business.

A company needs to have an online presence to be able to generate sales. Having a company website and subscribing to different social media sites are the best ways to attain online presence. It is evident that businesses reap huge benefits from social media sites. Social media marketing provides an inexpensive way to bring in more customers to the business. It also helps increase brand awareness, brand visibility, customer recall and goodwill among clients. Information dissemination is also fast. Everybody will get wind of your business’ latest developments fast once you post them online. If your business is not utilizing these platforms then it is high time to get involved in social media marketing.

The Dallas Social Media Authorities

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