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Landing pages for SEOWebsites are living documents. Businesses update the information on their websites regularly, or they should. Sometimes more than a content update becomes necessary when a site looks and feels dated or when the structure of the site no longer supports the aims of the business. This is the time for a website redesign. All website owners benefit from having their website redesign projects handled by professionals.

Search Position

Redesigning a website can introduce issues with the site’s search engine results. Hiring professionals, who do web design in Dallas or elsewhere will reduce these problems. In addition to just altering the look and feel of the site, the redesign should focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to keep existing links from other sites and maintain the current traffic levels.

Preserve Inbound Links with Delicacy

The majority of amateur and even some professional web design firms make the mistake of tearing down existing websites and rebuilding without analyzing the link structure. If other pages are linking to you it’s important to maintain those URLs that they’re pointing to.

Sometimes a site redesign means removing or moving pages. 301 Redirects will take visitors to the new page or an alternate page, rather than giving them a “404 Page Not Found” error. These redirects are important to keep people on the site even if what they’re looking for has moved.


Websites require content. Any website redesign needs to focus on content and providing the information the visitor came for. Keyword-optimized content, with emphasis on the words the page focuses on, increase search engine traffic. In writing content for a site redesign, we consider length and then write enough to get the point across but not so much that it seems padded or stretched. Both humans and search engines pay attention to page length.


Navigation is important in a website redesign, both for visitors and for search engines. Create two sitemaps. An HTML sitemap helps visitors find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. An XML sitemap allows search engines to crawl and index the entire site, increasing the site’s visibility. Another important factor in navigation involves using text links, instead of or in addition to graphic links, and keyword-rich anchor text links between pages. These linking strategies, like sitemaps, help human visitors navigate the site and help search engines crawl the website, according to our web design specialists in Dallas.

Testing before Launch

The absolute most important element in any website redesign is testing the site before it goes live. A professional web designer has the resources and knowledge to set up a test environment and put the site redesign through its paces before a visitor ever sees it. Skipping this testing step could create serious problems. Minor problems would include typos or a misdirected link. Major problems could include the site not functioning at all, or the site crashing when a visitor loads a page. The time and effort involved in testing pay off in a fully functional website redesign.

When’s the Right Time for Redesign?

While a complete redesign will not be needed often, sometimes this is the only way to keep a website serving the purpose it was designed for, which is to promote and market the company’s products and services. When a website no longer serves that purpose and adding or updating pages does not correct the problem, site owners should consider a complete redesign.

We’re Website Redesign Pros

If your website is in need of a redesign why not go with professional web designers in Dallas Texas. The team at Main Page SEO are the website redesign specialists for Dallas Texas. Give us a call, e-mail or fill out our estimate form for a free no obligation quote on your next website redesign project.

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