PPC Services

Our Dallas based Pay Per Click experts specialize in cost per conversion and cost per acquisition paid search campaigns. Two popular platforms we utilize are Google Ads and Bing Ads.

We recommend pay per click campaigns for clients who are newly established or who have just begun the upward climb in organic rankings as a supplemental marketing component.

While organic search rankings take time to move up in the search engine results page and require substantive and consistent efforts to achieve optimal results, paid search puts your business at the top of the results almost immediately upon deploying a well researched and configured PPC campaign.

An investment is required to do this effectively, both in terms of our fees as well as hard costs to compete your particular niche online via paid search channels.

A few value drivers in our PPC campaigns that truly set us apart are the following:

  • Deep keyword research
  • Competitor research (and leveraging past wins)
  • We invest your funds as though they were ours (cautiously)
  • Well structured campaigns that have highly focused keywords, ad copy and relevant landing pages.
  • Consistent and tenacious optimization to beat even the toughest of competitors

To inquire about our PPC services, please call us or send us a message and we'll be in touch.